Reflect | M4 | Design Proposal Self-Evaluation

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reflection.png Reflection Instructions

Note: Before starting this reflection,
please complete your written Design Proposal.


To this point in the course, we’ve covered a lot of material focused on compiling components of your Design Proposal. By completing your written Design Proposal, you have taken an important step in an iterative instructional design and development process. While completing this proposal is a step forward, you should expect to make (many) changes to your design (some small, some substantive) in the coming weeks based on both self-evaluation of your work, as well as from peer and facilitator feedback in Module 6. The purpose of this reflection is to prompt your self-evaluation.

Self-Evaluation Instructions

Within this self-evaluation, you are encouraged to take this opportunity to re-read and review each section of your written Design Proposal. You will self-evaluate your design by responding to the reflection prompts below.

Please note that your Design Proposal will not be evaluated or graded by the course facilitators. However, your submission of this reflection serves as a project checkpoint or milestone to keep us all on track for our prototype and evaluation activities. 

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