Why You Should Choose Lithium Battery From Chinese Manufacturer?

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The Lithium-ion battery pack encompass graphite, oxygen, metallic, and naturally lithium, which runs in a cycle of discharging and charging. While producing vitality, the lithium strikes back to the positive cathode across the electrolyte, and while charging, the ions move to the optimistic anode. This cycle repeats over the course of time and degrades the efficiency of the ions in providing the electrical cost. The lithium-ion has 250Wh/kg (Watt-hours per kilogram) of vitality while NiMH has mere 90Wh/kg. This is a vast distinction for a small, transportable and noiseless rechargeable battery. In China custom ev lithium ion battery factory lithium batteries are manufactured in giant scale.  Here is a few advantages of lithum battery from LifePo4 Golf Cart Battery Pack Supplier.
Maintenance is Very Less

This is our private favourite reason for changing to lithium. Gone are the times of coping with battery mess and corrosion! This is a HUGE selling level for individuals who use their golf cart commercially (motels, live performance venues, etc.) and for individuals who don't have the time to always be checking on batteries. The switch to lithium means you now not have to maintain your golf cart batteries. Just charge them, and go!

Cheaper in Price Over Time

We have done the math so that you don’t have to! If you factor in the cost of replacing batteries each 3-4 years and the cost of electricity (time is reduce in half with lithium). Over the span of 10 years you'll be paying extra for lead acid batteries than lithium. Plus, what is it worth to you to have a battery that offers you no issues?

Fastest Charging Time

No need to wait 8-10 hours in your cart to cost completely to take it again out again. Our lithium batteries charge in 2-four hours from lifeless to 100%. Also, charge the cart as many occasions as you’d like. Unlike lead acid, it is not going to harm the battery if the cart is being charged a number of instances a day.

High Efficiency

Lithium-Ion batteries do not lose power as voltage dips (they don’t get ‘tired’ as they are used). Unlike the normal lead acid batteries that are likely to lose power the more the cart is driven. You’ll have full speed one hundred% of the time till your battery is drained.
Lead acid batteries only have 50% of usable energy. lithium batteries have a hundred% of usable energy that means a for much longer range!

Light Weight

Converting to lithium batteries will reduce the load of the cart making the cart much more efficient! Standard lead acid batteries weigh between 340 lbs to 390 lbs. Lithium weighs anyplace between 60 to one hundred forty lbs depending on amperage hour.

Lifetime is Long

Traditional lead acid batteries will final you several years, heavily relying on use and the way nicely you take care of your batteries. The lithium battery we use will final you 7-10 years. The company that builds our batteries have been in testing since 2008. The batteries have a lifespan of about 3,000 cycles.

There remains to be lots to develop the battery expertise as over time we've not give you anything additional than lithium-ion battery packs configured in parallel or sequence to ship the specified voltage, power density, and capacity. We sure have modified the contents and the proportion of the mixture of uncooked materials to boost the capabilities, but there's nonetheless a lot of work that has to be put into the battery technology. The targets are to succeed in over 700Wh/kg to that of 400Wh/kg we're on at present. By 2020, seventy five% of batteries are expected to contain cobalt, in some capability at least together with better anodes and enhancing electrolytes. Consult with China Lithium Ion golf cart battery factory to order bulk amount of battery to your retailer. JB Battery presents dependable lithium batteries that works for very long time.

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