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Development of supercomputers, creation of high-performance computing clusters
Modern conditions place high demands on computing systems. High-performance parallel computing solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Requests for the development of supercomputers and fail-safe HPC clusters come from research organizations, government agencies, and businesses.
These powerful solutions are based on the technologies of parallelization of computations and fast data exchange between nodes combined in clusters of computer systems. The current level of technology development allows you to organize clusters with performance in tens, hundreds and even thousands of Tflops.
Key Features of Supercomputers
Typically, clusters of computing systems are of the following types:
high availability clusters or failover clusters;high performance computing clusters;load balanced clusters;
Clusters for high-performance computing allow you to perform a large number of similar computing operations in a very short time. At the same time, the computing process is parallelized not only between the cores of a single computing node, but across the entire set of servers that are connected by high-speed data transmission channels with high throughput.The power of the entire cluster directly depends on the number of computing nodes. Clusters of computing systems find http://dellexpert.ru/ their application in industry, in the military-industrial complex, in science and education.
Creating a computing cluster for high-performance computing is not just a supply of equipment. This is a large amount of work, including the design, deployment and configuration, as well as the installation of auxiliary engineering systems.
Engineering systems are inherently an important part of the HPC cluster, since a large number of compute nodes in a tight layout require powerful power and cooling subsystems.

The company Karma Group CJSC has extensive experience in supplying sophisticated computing equipment.
On the account of our company is a project to create a computing cluster K-60 with a capacity of 60 teraflops at the Institute of Applied Mathematics named after M.V. Keldysh RAS.
As part of the project, our companys specialists designed a high-performance computing cluster, installed all the components, including auxiliary technical systems and a specialized uninterruptible power supply system, carried out the whole range of works on installing equipment, installing and configuring software, and putting the cluster into operation.
With us you can always buy a supercomputer. Turning to our experts, you can be sure of their high qualifications and rich experience. They are always ready to guide the client about the creation of a computing cluster and provide all the necessary assistance in choosing suitable options.

We offer the following IT solutions Dell Expert:
Building high-performance computing systems.Solutions for automating business processes.Solutions for working with large volumes of data (Big Data).Infrastructure IT solutions for enterprises.Virtualization solutions and cloud technologies.IT consulting and audit.

The main directions of our activity:
Supercomputers and High Performance Computing ClustersComputing platforms and data storage systems.Network infrastructure (Mellanox, Infiniband, OmniPass, Angara, etc.)Engineering infrastructure for enterprises and data centers.Infrastructure and database management software.Ensuring information security.CCTV and video recording systems.Supply of domestic and localization of imported IT equipment.

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